Below is a list of class & workshop offerings with a description of their content as well as information on what to wear. Jeni teaches in Kittery, Maine (next door to Portsmouth, NH); York, Maine; Rye, NH and Newburyport, MA. If you're interested in having Jeni schedule a workshop or class near you, please send her an email. 

Workshops are offered periodically throughout the year. If you'd like to take part in a workshop, but find that it's not being offered at that time, please contact Jeni and mention the workshop and your location. Once at least 3 people are on that particular list, you will be notified, and together, the group of you will plan a date/time to hold the workshop(s) that suits everyone's schedules. If you already have 3 people, scheduling can begin immediately. 



Lose yourself in the captivating music and movement of Middle Eastern dance in this empowering and energizing class. From sharp & percussive to soft & fluid, you will learn some of the basic movements that make up the foundation of this dance form. 


Geared toward brand new students and those with prior experience, this class will include a comprehensive breakdown of technique, traveling steps and turns, drills, and combinations. 


Belly Dance is studied and performed by women of all backgrounds and ages. Not only is it a beautiful art form and means of self-expression, it also increases flexibility, tones your abs and helps you to achieve grace, poise, balance and coordination.





In recent years, the hula hoop or simply “the hoop” has become the centerpiece for an exciting and evolving new form of artistic movement and dance. Not only does it burn 400-600 calories per hour while toning your entire body, but it is also a great way to release stress, quiet your mind, get your creative juices flowing and elevate your mood! 


Using the Hoopnotica Method of training, this class will teach students to utilize the hoop on and off the body, transitions between movements, flow, tricks and super fun sequences. It is geared towards students brand new to hooping as well as returning students. Specially made adult-sized hoops make it possible for everyone to hoop!



(1.5 hrs. each)

Learn the foundational movements necessary to begin dancing with your hoop. In this workshop you will develop the posture, balance and stamina to not only keep the hoop rotating around your waist from a stationary position, but to do so while shifting weight, changing body angles, walking in all directions and executing graceful turns.


We will also focus on other key skills such as hand hooping overhead (“halos”) and passing the hoop in creative ways off the body. In addition, you will learn transitions between movements, tricks and putting it all together in combinations.


Returning students will have the opportunity to expand upon the combinations and will be given variations of movements where possible and if time permits. They will also have the option to work with a lighter and/or smaller hoop for a challenge.

UPS & DOWNS PTS. 1 & 2

(1.5 hrs. each)

The opposing forces of up and down make for some unexpected and eye-catching moments in hoop dance. In these workshops we will explore some on and off body movements that have both an up and a down component.

Focus will be on escalators with variations, options for waist to overhead (including corkscrews/spiraling the hoop on and off the body) and angled waist hooping (sky & earth). We will also practice working the hoop up and down the body, a feat that will require hip and chest hooping which will be broken down and drilled.


Proficiency or familiarity with waist hooping, hand hooping (halos) and basic passing is required for this workshop.


(1.5 hrs.)


There's a reason many belly dancers enter their stage with a veil. Whether it's used as a frame for elegant turns and technique, twirls around the dancer's body, creating beautiful shapes and lines, or simply floats behind as they travel, it's both captivating and breathtaking to watch.

In this workshop, you will learn some basic veil technique and ways to pair it with belly dance movements, turns and traveling steps. We'll put it all together in exciting combinations ideal for the veil and/or belly dance novice or those with beg/int. experience.



Choreography works your brain, muscle memory and coordination while creatively giving you a perspective on ways to arrange movements to a piece of music using a range of technique and seamless transitions.


Put your technique to work in this fun and energizing workshop! From sharp & percussive to soft & fluid, we will drill basic technique with variations as well as turns, traveling steps and combinations. By the end of the workshop, you will be dancing a dynamic, short choreography to one of belly dance’s most beloved songs - “Alf Layla Wa Layla.”




Wear comfortable clothing - whatever you would wear to workout (Yoga or dance pants, tanks or t-shirts). It is recommended that you wear dance shoes (ballet slippers or jazz shoes) to either of the classes, but you are more than welcome to dance barefoot. For belly dancers, bring a hip scarf if you have one. Hip scarves are available for purchase for $15-$20. They are not necessary but are fun and help to accentuate your hip movements!


For hoopers, if you have a hoop, please bring it...otherwise, hoops are available to borrow/rent or for purchase. Purchase price is $45. Please note that these are not your average toy store variety hula hoops. They are larger/heavier specially made adult-sized hoops. 




Hand-made adult-sized hoops are available for purchase. They cost $45 and have two metallic (shiny/sparkly) tapes and 2 gaffer tapes (for stick). Jeni brings pre-made hoops to every class. If you have specific colors you would like, talk to Jeni about a custom order.